Expert Event Filming

Capture. Share. Leverage

Filming your event is a critical investment to promote your business, your current event and even future events. Corpcast Productions are expert in capturing your event from plenary recording and live streaming, through to highlight filming and even editing video onsite to produce a daily highlight reel designed to be played and shared via social media. There is no better way to engage your audience and help capture a greater market dominance than by showcasing what you do. Our sister company Corporate Theatre has been producing exciting corporate events for over 25 years all over the world. As we understand events, we know exactly what should be filmed to get the biggest response from your audience.

Highlights Packages

Corpcast Productions can tailor make a package to suit your event no matter where it is. We film events all over the world, most recently in Singapore, Melbourne, Las Vegas, San Diego, Cambodia, Bali & New Zealand. No matter the size of your event, we can be there capturing the most important and exciting parts of your event, and then edit together a stunning montage. Use as a momento for your achievers, a video to share on social media, or packaged together in a stunning video card as a special gift. This footage becomes invaluable when promoting your next event with a commercial to excite and encourage event registration.  We can also produce a spectacular highlights  reel to play as the event wraps up.

This recent example was filmed and edited on Day 1 of a two day conference. A full event highlights reel was completed and screened at the close of the event.

Day 1 at Asia Convention 1 was a success! Recognition of our top leaders and IsaBody challenge winners, exclusive training, and the release of our amazing new products #OneTeam2016 #RisetotheTop #OneTeam2016

Posted by Isagenix Singapore on Saturday, 19 March 2016



Corpcast can edit your event with powerpoint and video content as your event is happening. Using various layouts we can combine your video and powerpoint/video presentations and at the end of the day you can walk away with a fully edited video of your entire event. No waiting, no hassles. Just your event ready for instant playback, sharing and leverage. 

On-site Highlights Editing

Nutrimetics Extravaganza highlights

Have you ever wanted to show your delegates a highlight reel at the end of the day, showcasing the awesome time everyone has had, or even showing off certain elements of your event that others missed? Not only will we film, but we can edit on site too! We can take the daily footage and produce a video for playback at your event. This highlights video is perfect for sharing on your company social media pages to generate interest and excitement.

Event Plenary and Breakout Session Filming

Need one camera to capture your event? How about 4? Whatever the scale of filming you require for your corporate event, we can supply the technology and skilled camera operators to make sure your event is fully covered. We supply a video producer to cut cameras that feed to your screen. Combining your plenary camera footage with that of your highlights will give you a very powerful final product.